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Boiler Exhaust SystemProperly Designing and Installing a Boiler Exhaust System 

Properly designed stack systems can alleviate many costly and aggravating problems associated with boilers. Boiler inefficiency, burner shutdowns, and flame ignition failure upon start-up can result from a poorly designed stack system. Following are the factors that lead to most problems:

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Boiler Exhaust SystemBoiler Stack Selection Basics 

Incorporating the correct exhaust system engineered with the latest technology enhances boiler efficiency. Selecting the wrong stack system or a poorly designed one typically leads to burner inefficiency and flame-ignition failure upon startup.

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Cheminee Lining Stack Installation Demostration

See how Cheminee Lining stacks are easy to install and can reduce installation time up to 40%. Click on the image to view video.




Freestanding Stacks Project in the Nunavut Region

Cheminee Lining completed a project for a gold mine in the Kivalliq Nunavut region of Canada. Consisting of an engineered venting system for mine generators, the company shipped five 76-foot freestanding stacks, silencers, steel support structures and breaching sections to finalize the design. Click image to view video of project.

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